ACOA 2019 Morocco

ACOA 2019 Morocco

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gathered at this event to discuss the role that the accounting and auditing professions should play on the performance of the sector public in economic matters, the efficiency and efficiency in Africa. Participants also discussed the contribution of the accountancy profession to; building a more efficient public sector that supports Africa's development.

During his presentation, Mr. Zouhair Chorfi read the speech of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Mohamed Benchaaboun, to the participants. He pointed out that Morocco's focus on Africa under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI has broadened to include; a new dimension that is part of a long-term vision; term and based on South-South cooperation and the requirements of human development.

In his address, Mr. BenchaAboun said; that Morocco initiated a debate on the need for to overcome certain shortcomings of its development model. This will notably involve better institutional governance aimed at modernizing the State, improving competitiveness; industrial development, the development of human capital, the strengthening and increase of social protection systems, the reduction of social and regional disparities and the creation of synergy between the various actors sectoral strategies.

In this frame, he underlined; that the reforms undertaken by Morocco have enabled the country to improve the business climate and to move up 10 places in the World Bank's Doing Business survey, from 69th place in 2018 to 60th place in 2019.

"Our goal is to be 50th in the world by 2021," he added, noting that to achieve this goal, Morocco will pursue the reforms already undertaken and will accelerate the pace of the other reforms implemented, in particular the operationalization of the new regional investment centres.

The meeting will cover topics on « Strong Institutions for Successful Public Policy and Public Value Management in Africa », « Integrated thinking, a choice for managing public sector resources and performance for Africa » and “ Performance Measurement », Impact Evaluation and the Accountability Imperative ".