Congress theme

Structural transformation and growth of African economies

Training, employability and development of human capital: the role of the professional accountant

  • The skills needed to transform and grow African economies and the implications for the accountancy profession
  • The training of professional accountants in Africa, between disparities and convergence?
  • The professional accountant, driver of human capital development in the field of accounting and auditing

Transformation of the economy and quality of financial information

  • The contribution of the professional accountant to the structural transformation of the economy through production quality financial information
  • Africa, continent of entrepreneurs: reporting requirements adapted to the future and to the needs of entrepreneurs
  • The role of the accountancy profession in mainstreaming the UN SDGs at the African business level
  • Extra-financial reporting, challenges, constraints and opportunities for the accounting profession in Africa

The Informal Sector and SMEs: Growth Potential and Opportunities for the Accountancy Professional

  • The professional accountant, player in the transformation of SMEs.
    • Help SMEs strengthen their leadership, develop a vision and strategy and strategically position the entity, determine human resource needs and develop the necessary skills
    • Supporting SMEs in their question of financing
    • Helping SMEs transform and grow through digitalization
  • Structuring the informal sector, VSEs and SMEs: experiences from Africa
  • Taxation of SMEs, between objectives of broadening the tax base and encouraging the formalization of African economies

Building resilient economies in Africa after Covid-19

  • Between resilience and agility of businesses and governments in Africa, what contribution does the professional accountant make?
  • Why has the African economy not collapsed? feedback and conditions for a better recovery
  • Risk management: the playground for the professional accountant

The digitalization of African public administrations: between the search for performance and the management of cybersecurity risks

  • Digitization of public administrations
  • Digital solutions to broaden the tax base of African economies
  • Risk management: the playground for the professional accountant